If you’re looking for a realistic, atmospheric centrepiece for your home, our smoke effect electric fires are the perfect choice. Using Opti-myst technology, these fires create a smoke effect using steam that adds realism to your electric fire while still remaining safe and efficient to use.


We have a variety of stunning smoke effect fireplace suites that will add grandeur and style to your home. Our suites come in a variety of traditional and modern styles to perfectly complement the décor of your home. Each model has a unique chamber that finishes the character of the electric fireplace and creates an attractive look without the hassle of fitting a gas or wood fireplace.


Most of our electric fires with smoke effect are freestanding fireplaces and benefit from flat to wall installation, meaning there is no need for any additional work in your house and you can start enjoying the benefits of your electric fire as soon as it arrives.

Smoke Effect Electric Fires

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What is an electric fire with smoke effect?

The smoke effect electric fireplaces we stock at Radiance Fireplaces use Opti-myst technology to create a natural-looking smoke to accompany the electric flame effect. Opti-myst fires use ultrasonic technology to create steam from cool water which provides the effect of real smoke while remaining completely safe to use with electric fires.

Each of our models features a concealed heater to maintain the highest standards of safety during use.

What is the most realistic electric fire?

Our range of fireplace suites from Katell provide all the benefits of a gas or wood fireplace, such as elegant design, a coal or log effect fuel bed and stunning fire and smoke visuals. This means that any of our smoke effect fireplaces creates a sense of realism that will charm you and any guest in your home.

Do smoke effect electric fires heat a room?

Electric fires provide between 1-2kW heat, meaning they can comfortably heat a small room but are not meant to be the sole heat source in larger rooms of your house. Our electric fireplace suites can also be used without heat, meaning you can use your fireplace throughout the year no matter the weather.

Do electric fires just plug in?

Our fireplaces operate on a single standard plug and, with the flat to wall installation of our smoke effect models, can be used almost as soon as you’ve received your delivery.