Reina’s designer mild steel radiator range is impressively diverse, with carefully crafted premium heating solutions to suit every individual’s unique home style, space size and radiator needs.

Mild steel is best known for its attractive properties of strength and durability - expertly crafted to withstand huge amounts of force, above and beyond day-to-day bumps and knocks. With good care and attention, Reina’s mild steel radiators are able to last for generations without any deterioration in functionality or appearance.

Reina Mild Steel Radiators

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For traditional design lovers, Reina’s column radiators are beautiful examples of the aesthetically pleasing finish that mild steel radiators can offer. Or, if you’re looking to push boundaries with your Reina radiator styling, then a striking design such as Dimaro explores radiator design as though it was art with a groundbreaking appearance that is sure to make anyone beam with housepride.


For a luxury towel rail that embodies contemporary design sensibilities, Polia could be a match made in heaven for you - it’s like no heated towel rail you’ve seen before, perfect for adding a jaw-dropping focal point to your bathroom.


Are steel radiators prone to rust?

While mild steel radiators offer numerous advantages, such as low cost and a broad selection of styles and finishes, their main disadvantage is that they are prone to internal rusting. However, this can be easily avoided by having your boiler serviced regularly and adding an inhibitor to the system. This keeps rust from building in your water system and accumulating in your radiators. You can expect a mild steel radiator to last a lifetime if you follow these instructions.


What are the benefits of mild steel radiators?

Mild steel radiators are inexpensive to manufacture, making them affordable to purchase. No other metal can compare to mild steel when it comes to the different designs and colours on offer. They come in a greater variety of designs and finishes than conventional radiators, which means unique designer radiators can be crafted easily from mild steel. If you're looking for a radiator that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional, you'll have plenty of options with mild steel radiators.


Are mild steel radiators efficient?

Yes. The material used to make radiators and heated towel rails has a significant impact on their capacity to efficiently release heat. Mild steel radiators strike the optimum balance between heat and cost-effectiveness, making them the ideal material for radiator construction.


How long do steel radiators last?

Mild steel radiators excel in a number of areas, including strength. They're built to last and, with the appropriate care, won't need replacing.