For a timeless radiator choice, Reina’s column radiators conform with traditional radiator design whilst adding an up-market designer touch. Their range of sophisticated vertical and horizontal radiators will easily blend into the interior design of any living room or bedroom, and their elegant craftsmanship is sure to complement your existing furnishings without overwhelming your space visually.

Reina Column Radiators

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Reina designer column radiators come in a traditional white colour, which is perfect if you’re looking for a design that can offer radiator consistency in every room - whatever the colour scheme. Plus, white is known for its reflective and space-enhancing colour properties which is what makes it such a popular choice for radiators.

Reina’s vertical column radiator provides full floor-to-ceiling wall coverage, perfect for narrow wall spaces and tricky areas of your room where a more conventional radiator shape won’t fit.

For more traditional styling, Reina’s horizontal radiator stays below the eye-line and allows for creative use of the space above. Both provide even and efficient heat distribution throughout your designated room, it’s just about choosing the right radiator design to suit your unique needs so that it integrates best into your home and lifestyle.

What is a column radiator?

Column radiators are historically fashioned radiators that are made from hollow tubes of mild steel or cast iron. They are a popular choice in many homes as they add depth, pattern and texture to the spaces they occupy. Anyone wishing to add some refinement to their home will love the vintage aesthetic column radiators embody.


Are column radiators easy to clean?

Yes. To begin, switch off the radiator for safety purposes. Cleaning a radiator while it is cold is significantly easier since the convection current will not accumulate any additional dust. We recommend firstly vacuuming as much of the surface as possible to eliminate any dust from your radiators. A feather duster can also be used, however, this may be less effective.


Begin vacuuming by giving everything a once-over, then work your way in between the cracks. After that, wipe the front, sides, and top of your radiator using a microfiber cloth and some washing up liquid to avoid harming any paintwork or surfaces. Be sure to also clean the pipelines and valves with soapy water, since they can also get dirty.


Are column radiators efficient?

Column radiators are a cost-effective way to heat your home since the space between each column provides the radiator with a vast surface area, allowing it to heat air from various angles. This makes them ideal for quickly heating a room.