Our range of designer Reina aluminium radiators illustrates beautifully that home heating doesn’t need to be a burden on your interior design goals. Reina’s sleek range of radiators has been created to subtly blend into your home’s existing design, seamlessly complementing your existing furnishing and interior styling.

By using contemporary silhouettes, innovative modern design, and clever space-saving techniques, Reina has created a catalogue of aluminium radiators that are about as trendy as radiators can get - with options suitable for every room in your home, from bathrooms to dining rooms.

Reina Aluminium Radiators

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Reina pushes the boundaries of traditional radiator design. For example, with their forward-thinking aluminium radiators such as the Wave Verticle and Alpan Verticle the construction is so striking and expertly crafted that they could easily be mistaken for wall art.


For the bathroom, Reina has created a collection of colourful designer aluminium towel rails in satin blue, bronze, white and silver - giving you the freedom to experiment with colours to suit your taste for bold and adventurous bathroom styling. Whilst Reina’s radiators for other rooms in your home vary from multi-panel flat designs to single-panel sheet radiators, meaning you can play around with different texture and shape options to suit your home’s finish.


What are the advantages of aluminium radiators?

Due to its high heat conductivity, aluminium is an extremely energy-efficient material. This means that because aluminium radiators quickly transmit heat, they achieve desired temperatures much faster than conventional radiators. Since they use less gas and water, switching to aluminium radiators can help save money on heating expenses.


Aluminium is also the perfect material for creating eye-catching radiator designs as it is a highly malleable material that can be moulded into a variety of creative shapes. Reina’s premium quality aluminium radiators are perfect for anyone looking to create a striking statement in their home.


Do aluminium radiators rust?

No. The exteriors of our Reina aluminium radiators are painted, meaning the surface of the radiator will not oxidise. As a result, rust and corrosion are extremely rare in aluminium radiators.


Are aluminium radiators environmentally friendly?

Yes. Aluminium radiators are very environmentally friendly. Because they heat up and cool down fast, their short response times are ideal for controlling the temperature within a space. They also have a low water content, requiring less hot water from the boiler and less time to reach their optimum temperature. As a result, the amount of heat loss is reduced, making them a great energy-saving heating option.


Aluminium radiators are also good for the environment since they are constructed of a widely recyclable material that can be readily recycled after they have fulfilled their purpose.


Are aluminium radiators more efficient?

Aluminium radiators are typically better at controlling a room's temperature than other heating systems due to their high conductivity, which allows them to heat and cool fast. Their low water content also contributes to their efficiency, as it reduces the cost of heating.


Do aluminium radiators generate the most heat?

Aluminium is a superconductor. This means that it generates the greatest heat of any radiator material due to its much higher British Thermal Units (BTU production). When comparing the BTU output of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and cast iron radiators of the same size, the aluminium radiator can produce 2-3 times the BTU output of the others. This means that it's comparatively easier to heat a larger space with just one aluminium radiator.