Radiance Fireplaces offer a large selection of radiator valves and accessories to help add the finishing touches to your elegant heating system. Included in the collection are radiator parts, heating elements and smart thermostats.

Our premium quality radiator accessories combine functionality with aesthetics to perfectly complement your radiators. Whether you require manual lock shields or thermostatic valves to control the temperature of your radiators, our comprehensive variety makes maintenance and upgrading simple.

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Radiance Fireplaces offers everything you need to make your heating system more efficient and stylish, including brackets, feet, and more. Whether you need radiator valves, heating elements, or any other radiator accessory, we are sure to have something for you.


Our high-quality radiator valve components and elements are available in a range of finishes and colours to complement any design. From floor-mounting feet to towel hooks, the accessories in this collection will enhance the utility and beauty of your designer radiator. Extend the life of your new radiator today with our high-quality accessories.


What accessories do I need for a radiator?

Once you've found the perfect designer radiators for your home's style, you will need a few accessories to properly install them. Radiator valves are one of the most important radiator accessories to think about when purchasing new designer radiators. Old valves can ruin the aesthetic of your home and may also result in leaks, so a dazzling new set of valves is essential to help complete the overall look of any new radiator.

Radiator wall stays secure your radiator to the wall and are designed for use with cast iron or steel column radiators. This style of radiator attachment adds a wonderful finishing touch to your designer radiator while also providing some extra support. If, however, you want to stand your radiator on the floor, you will need to invest in some firm radiator feet.


What is a radiator heating element?

A heating element is a little device that goes into your radiator and allows you to use energy to heat it. Once installed in your radiator, an electric heating element works by transmitting electricity from your home's mains electric through its 'filament.' After being placed and secured within your radiator, this filament heats up rapidly. As a result, the water in your radiator begins to warm up.


What is a thermostatic element for towel rails?

To keep your towels and bathroom warm and cosy, heating elements are used to heat towel radiators with electricity. A heating element is usually installed from beneath, where the temperature control knobs are conveniently accessible. Thermostatic Towel Rail Elements are a great way to heat a single towel rail or radiator without having to connect it to the central heating system.


What does a thermostat do?

A thermostat is a device that controls the heating system's temperature. When the temperature in the home starts to drop, a thermostat triggers the system to bring it back up to temperature. The thermostat can also be set to switch off the heating when the indoor temperature reaches a certain level, preventing the room from becoming too hot.