PureGlow’s impressive 60 years of industry experience can be reflected in their charming array of quality electric fireplaces, made to bring a traditional-style warmth to your home. Their low-maintenance electric fires are an excellent choice for any home, with understated and time-tested designs that can blend seamlessly into any interior style.


With designs available in brass, chrome, black, and satin, you can tailor your electric fire to your own tastes and home, as well as selecting your preference of a realistic coal or log fuel bed. PureGlow’s advanced flame technology provides an impressively realistic fire display that makes absolutely no noise to create the most comfortable atmosphere possible. 


PureGlows ECO compliant electric fires are a lower consumption choice that is better for the environment and your energy levels. Models are able to detect open windows, adhere to room temperature controls as well as operating on a 7-day timer function for the best efficiency possible.

Pureglow Electric Fireplaces

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Are electric fires expensive to run?

Electric fires, particularly PureGlow electric fires are actually very efficient to run, even more so than conventional central heating systems most people find. Although electricity does tend to be more expensive than other options, you have more control over an electric fire and no heat is wasted going out of a chimney or vent which again maximises efficiency. In the warmer months, you can choose the flare effect with no heat which costs very little to run but you still get all the aesthetic benefits.

How do you control a PureGlow fireplace?

It’s really easy to control a PureGlow electric fireplace as they come complete with infrared remote control, a built-in thermostat and a 7-day programmable timer. All to ensure the ease of access and control across all models. 

Do electric fires look like real fires?

PureGlow is very experienced in producing electric fires that look impressively realistic. You can choose between a hyper-realistic log or coal fuel bed, which illuminates to replicate the real glow of a fire. PureGlow’s unique double-pulsing flame effect is also known for closely mimicking the flame pattern of a real log burning stove. Other than the missing aroma of a log burning fire, your guests won’t be able to tell the difference.