Over the past 30 years, OER has become the most respected manufacturer of electric fireplaces in the UK. Based on values of precision craftsmanship and joinery, OER’s award-winning solid timber frame electric fireplaces attain the highest standards of design and joiner expertise.


OER’s sophisticated solid timber fireplace suites are an effortless way to elevate your interior with a range of luxurious design choices to reflect your space. With customisable models, you can select the colours and finishes that best reflect your personal taste for an awe-inspiring OER electric fireplace that is sure to be the talking point of your home.


All OER electric fires are handmade to order in your unique chosen style and colour, expertly crafted by precision joiners for consistency and care across every purchase. 

OER Fireplaces - Olde Englande Reproductions

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Do electric fireplaces need their own circuit?

OER fireplaces operate on the same basis as any other electric fireplaces, whereby they just need to be connected to a mains power outlet in order to work. This means that they do not require their own circuit, but it is essential that they are plugged directly into a socket rather than using an extension cord.

How do you hide cords on an electric fireplace?

The most common way of hiding cords on an electric fireplace is to run them along the top or bottom of your skirting boards so that they blend into the wall for a discreet and tidy finish. Alternatively, a popular method is to add a wall insert that looks like a ‘fake wall’ to box in the cables to entirely remove them from display. 

Can I put an electric fireplace on carpet?

It’s perfectly safe to put an electric fire on a carpet. One of the key benefits of an electric fire is that they’re flexible in the way that you can place them anywhere in your home as long as they’re on a stable surface and have a power supply then they’re safe and ready to use.