For over 15 years, Katell has been providing ultra-stylish heating solutions suited for the modern home with its versatile range of high-quality electric fireplace suites. Designed to bring you all the joys of a real fire, Katell electric fireplaces come in a variety of wall-mounted, inset fireplaces and grand suite designs that cater for a range of interiors.


Katell’s electric fireplace suites are a sure way to bring the wow factor to any room. On select models, ambient mood lighting options of up to 13 colours allow you to personalise the tone in your home at the simple press of a remote control button. Plus with Katell’s electric fire suites you can select a flame-only setting so that you can still create that cosy ambiance on a hot day. 


If you’re looking for a high quality electric fireplace that truly reflects the look and feel of a real fire then you won’t find any better than Katell’s Optimyst models, like the Katell Italia Arona Optimyst. Their design combines realistic flame patterns with ultrasonic technology that creates and illuminates a fine mist over the fuel bed for an awe-worthy three-dimensional smoke and flame effect.

Katell Electric Fireplaces

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What should I look for when I’m buying a fireplace?

Beyond design preferences such as style, size and colour, when buying an electric fireplace or electric stove you need to make sure that the model has a high enough kW to heat your space effectively and give you your desired room temperature. You’ll find that for a smaller space 1.5kW will be efficient, for example in your living room. If your space is bigger, then a 2Kw model would be better suited. 

But as every electric fireplace and electric stove is a design statement, choosing a model with a stylish back panel to suit your home is highly important. For a grand feel, the Katell Napoli or Katell Amalfi are very popular choices for understated elegance. The Italia Optimyst Electric Fireplace is a customer favourite for its impressive flame effect, easy remote control room temperature, and high-quality finish. 

Do electric fireplace suites need to be vented?

Katell electric fireplaces, like all electric fires, don’t need to be ventilated with a flue as the fires don’t produce any of the fumes that real gas fires do. This gives you the freedom to position your freestanding electric fireplace anywhere in your home without needing to consider ventilation. Any electric fireplace models that do feature a flue are purely for decorative purposes, much like the flame effect! 

How do you install an electric fireplace suite in an existing fireplace?

Because they’re freestanding and so flexible, you’re able to install an electric fireplace on a flat wall wherever there is a mains plug socket in your home. So as long as there is a socket nearby to your existing fireplace then you will be able to install an electric fireplace. In fact, if you have previously had a gas stove in a fireplace then it's the perfect space to replace it with an inset fireplace which is perfectly designed for this situation. There is also the potential for a wall-mounted electric fire if you don't fancy a free-standing one, or think a wall-mounted electric fire would suit your space better.