Inset electric stoves encapsulate the traditional qualities of a fireplace stove while reducing floor space and creating a seamless fireplace centrepiece. These electric fireplace stoves are designed to fit snugly into a wall recess regardless of whether you have an existing chimney breast or not.


Our models feature matt black or anthracite finishes with several options include surrounds, mantels and hearths to achieve a complete fireplace appearance with ease. Browse our range of electric inset stoves from leading brands like FlametekBe Modern and Celsi for reliable, top-quality electric fireplaces.


Inset stoves are perfect for those who love traditional or classic design elements but want to enjoy the ease and efficiency of an electric fireplace. With realistic log-effect fuel beds, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a glowing fire at a much lower cost and much less effort.

Inset Electric Stoves

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What is an inset electric stove fire?

An inset electric fireplace is built into an existing opening or a false fireplace opening, allowing you to save floor space while still benefiting from the appearance of a traditional electric stove. If there isn’t already a recess in your home that would fit an electric stove, you may need to get in touch with a professional to help with installation.

What is the best inset electric stove?

Our electric fireplace stoves have been made by some of the UK’s best fireplace manufacturers, meaning they are made from quality materials and assembled with care by our specialists. To choose the best inset electric stove for you, you’ll need to consider the look you’re going for and choose between a simple inset stove or an inset stove with surround and mantel included. Whether you’re looking for minimal simplicity or a more out-there statement, we have the ideal inset stove for you.

How can I make my electric inset fireplace look realistic?

Our inset electric stoves feature realistic log-effect fuel beds and comforting LED flames for the closest appearance of realism available. The design of our electric stoves closely mirrors traditional stove design and the surrounds included on some of our models create the look of a complete fireplace in your home.

How do I install an electric inset stove?

Your inset electric stove will require a wall cavity to be placed in and will operate on a single standard electrical socket, but may need to be properly installed by an electrician if you are looking to create a new socket or install it directly without a plug.

If you don’t already have a recess in which to place your stove, you’ll need to look carefully at the product details before starting work to make sure you have space available for the model you want. For any professional help with installation, we recommend our customers use Rated People to find tradespeople in their area.

Do electric stoves really heat a room?

Our electric stoves generate between 1-2kW of heat but are not recommended to be used as the sole heating source of a room. The benefits of an electric fireplace are instant heat and fuel efficiency but you should generally use an electric fireplace alongside your central heating.

Our electric inset stoves are also capable of use without the heat, meaning you can enjoy your fireplace all year round regardless of the weather.