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Electric inset fires are a chic and modern alternative to the traditional fireplace. Our range includes hole-in-the-wall electric fires, as well as more traditional inset stove and fireplace models, offering you a variety of options to suit your space and style.


Many of our fireplaces feature realistic flame displays and attractive fuel beds with ceramic log effect or stones. Enjoy the comfortable warmth of your fireplace or display the electric flame effect independently of the heat to create a beautiful centrepoint that you can enjoy all year round.


We stock stylish, modern electric fireplaces from some of the most popular brands in the UK, including Dimplex, Celsi, Be Modern and Pureglow.

Inset Electric Fires

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What is an inset electric fire?

An inset fireplace is typically built into the wall to create the view of a chimney or flue without needing to create one. These fireplaces are perfect for those looking to save space or to create a modern alternative to the electric stove or fire basket.

What is the best inset electric fire?

Our electric fireplace insets come in a range of colours, styles and sizes so the best fireplace for you will depend on the look you’re aiming to achieve, as well as the size of the room you want to install it in. We have fireplaces that are installed into the wall with no trim, creating a sleek, seamless inset, while others come with an external frame or mantel that can complement the rest of your decor if you wish.

Are all inset electric fires the same size?

Our electric fires come in a range of sizes to suit all rooms. Some are suspended from the centre of the wall while others will be placed in a cavity but also take up ground space, meaning you will need to consider this when looking for the perfect fireplace to complete your living area. The size of every fire is featured in the product information, so be sure to take a closer look at any electric fire design that catches your eye.

Do electric fires use a lot of electricity?

All of our inset and built-in electric fireplaces can be operated from a standard plug socket, meaning they use 120V of power and provide 1-2kW of heat. We stock eco models that use as little as £4 a year to power (using just the flame effect without the heat on), helping you save money and energy while still enjoying the warmth of an additional heat source.

Do electric fires get hot?

Inset electric fires can be used as an additional heat source in many rooms of your home. They provide a similar amount of heat as a space heater and provide warmth you can feel in a matter of seconds. Electric fireplaces are a useful way of heating a room while also maintaining a stylish look in whichever room you have it installed.

Many of our inset fireplaces can also be used without the heat, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of a fire even when the temperature is warm, helping you get more from your fireplace throughout the year.