Freestanding electric fires provide the benefit and warmth of an electric fire without the need for complicated installation. Our freestanding fireplaces are highly versatile and can be used in any room of your home to add a modern or traditional touch, whatever your own personal style.


With finishes including white, black, brass, cast iron and chrome, our fireplaces make for an excellent centrepiece in your main living area or any other room in your home. Choose from realistic ceramic log effect or coal effect fuel beds to replicate the appeal of a classic fireplace or choose one of our models with a sleek, stone-effect fuel bed for a more modern finish.


We stock electric freestanding fireplaces and fire baskets from some of the UK’s leading fireplace brands, including Dimplex, Celsi and PureGlow. A freestanding fire enables you to plug in and go, with most operated directly from a standard plug socket so you can start enjoying the warmth and glow of your fireplace as soon as it’s delivered.

Freestanding Electric Fires

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What is a freestanding electric fire?

Freestanding electric fires are a highly versatile option for those who don’t have the space or don’t want to fit their electric fire to the wall. They are most often positioned against a flat wall with an additional surrounding back panel or mantel to create a full fireplace effect.

Freestanding electric stoves are often placed within a wall cavity in your living room but can be positioned against the wall or as a central feature anywhere in your home.  Electric fires don't produce any fumes like a gas fire would, meaning that they don't require a flue, making their placement in your living space super flexible. You can choose from many designs including electric stoves and freestanding electric fireplace suites, all of which have a range of heat settings that can be changed by remote control. 

Are modern electric fires expensive to run?

Most electric fires need only a standard plug socket, so they use 120V of power and mostly have heating power of around 1-2kW. Within our range, we have a variety of fireplaces that offer eco functionality to reduce the amount of energy you use while still giving you the benefits of instant warmth.

Eco functionality allows you to set the desired temperature for your room. Once that temperature is met, the fire will switch off automatically until the room falls below your preferred temperature again.

Many of our fireplaces and fire baskets can also be used without the heat, providing a beautiful focal point to any room with LED flame effects that can be used all year round.

Are all electric fires freestanding?

Electric fires are typically either freestanding, wall-mounted or inset. Which kind of fireplace you choose should be based on your décor and size allowance. While inset electric fires are more space-saving and are wall hung, you'll find that a freestanding electric fire is a lot more flexible and can easily be moved around your living space. 

If you don’t want to install your fireplace into the wall, a freestanding model is the best choice for you. A lot of customers opt for a freestanding optiflame electric fire slotted in the space of an existing fireplace for a cosy ambiance with a convincing log burner effect and tasteful fire surround.

What is the best freestanding electric fireplace?

We stock fireplaces from the UK’s best fireplace manufacturers and offer several models from each manufacturer. Choosing the best electric fireplace for you will likely come down to personal taste and size allowance. Every one of our fireplaces includes detailed information on sizing, finishes and fuel bed fittings so you can create the fireplace of your dreams without having to compromise. From Burley brushed steel to Optimyst stainless steel, we have the freestanding electric fire suite to match your living space.

We offer traditional freestanding electric fireplaces for those interested in the classic fireplace look, alongside beautiful electric stove fires and contemporary fireplace designs to suit modern interiors.

Are freestanding electric fires all the same size?

Our freestanding fireplaces come in a range of sizes, with different widths, heights and depths to perfectly suit the space you’re looking to place it in. Whether you’re looking for a tall, statement setting to dominate the room or you’re in need of a smaller fireplace to create an atmosphere in a cosy room, you’ll find a fire to suit every need.