Brand new from OER, Flametek electric stoves and electric fireplace suites are an affordable way of achieving the sought-after homeliness of a log burner, but with the efficiency of a modern heater. 


Flametek electric log burners combine the trendy nostalgia of an open fire with all the benefits of a modern electric fireplace, including remote control settings, eco-ready designs, multiple flame and brightness settings, and impressive heating abilities.


Whether you prefer a more traditional electric stove design, a built-in electric fireplace suite, or a fireplace installation that has space for logs to truly recreate the open-fire feel. Flametek has a capsule range of stylish options to fit a range of room settings so that you can create the perfect feel in your home.

Flametek Electric Stoves & Suites

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What is the most realistic electric log burner?

All of Flametek’s electric log burners are designed to give the look and feel of an authentic roaring log fire. However, if you’re spoilt for choice and want a particularly realistic-looking model then one with a compartment for logs could be an ideal choice for adding authenticity to your electric stove. The Flametek Brooklyn Electric Fireplace Suite, Flametek Juno Electric Fireplace Suite, and Flametek Alto T 2KW Electric Stove are all great options if you choose to go down this path.

Do electric fireplaces need to be vented?

Despite how some of Flametek’s electric log burners might appear, electric fireplaces do not need to be vented as they don’t give off any of the fumes that an actual fire does. Models such as the Flametek Alto T 2KW Electric Stove come with a vent style add-on to give the look of an authentic log burner, but this serves solely to enhance your interior design and is not a requirement for its function.

Can I put real wood in my electric fireplace?

The Flametek electric fireplace suite and stove comes with a log set included so that your electric fireplace can mimic the smoulder of real burning logs. Of course, the log set won’t actually burn, but the LED lighting will make it appear as though it is for that perfect cosy feel.

Do electric log burners give off heat?

Flametek electric fireplaces are a modern and efficient way of heating your room. The standard Flametek electric fireplace suite is 1.9Kw whilst the average Flametek electric stoves are 2Kw, which is plenty to heat a small or medium-size space up nicely.