An electric stove suite is the perfect choice for a fireplace suite with a touch of traditional charm. Our range includes models with attractive classical features and more sleek, modern interpretations of the classic fireplace stove.


Our fireplaces are manufactured by some of the UK’s leading fireplace brands, including Dimplex, Celsi and Flametek, so you can be confident that any stove suite you buy from Radiance Fireplaces will be of the highest possible quality.


With black and white finishes and customisable fuel beds, including log or coal-effect, glass beads and stones, you can create a fireplace suite that perfectly matches the rest of your home while still making a statement.


To create realism, choose a model with a log store or decorative stove pipe. For a more modern approach, choose a model with Chromalight options for a bespoke display that will impress you and visitors to your home.

Electric Stove Suites

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What is an electric stove suite?

An electric stove is a great way to create the traditional look of a coal or log burner without the need for a chimney or flue. Some of our models feature false chimneys to create the effect of a real log burner while benefiting from the efficiency of an electric heater.

Electric stoves are typically fitted into an existing chimney breast but our models are freestanding fireplaces, meaning they can be placed anywhere you need them to be.

What is the best electric stove fireplace suite?

We have almost 30 stove suites to choose from in a variety of styles. The best electric stove suite for you will depend on your personal tastes and the floor space you’re working with. We have inset fireplace stoves and freestanding models for all rooms.

Our traditional electric stoves are perfect for creating realism while our modern fireplaces compliment a contemporary home style.

How do I install an electric stove suite?

Many of our electric stove fireplaces are freestanding, meaning they are ready to use as soon as they’re plugged in. This type of model can be installed flat to the wall or within an existing chimney breast with ease.

Some of our models are inset fireplaces, meaning you will need to ensure there is adequate space to fit your chosen fireplace in your home. This can either be in an existing chimney breast or in a false fireplace opening created especially for your stove.

Do electric stove fire suites really heat a room?

Our electric stove suites are not designed to be the sole heat source in a larger room but may provide enough heat to comfortably warm a smaller room. Our models provide between 1-2kW of heat so should be used alongside your central heating in most cases.

You can also use most electric fireplace stoves independently of the heat so that you can make the most of your centrepiece all throughout the year, even when it’s warm.