Radiance Fireplaces stocks electric fires from the UK’s best fireplace manufacturers, including Celsi, Dimplex and Gazco. Our fireplaces come in a huge range of styles and fits to suit any room and create the perfect cosy atmosphere no matter where they’re placed.


Whether you need an inset electric fire to fit into your wall, a freestanding electric fire or a full luxury electric fire suite, Radiance Fireplaces is sure to have what you’re looking for. Our models are easy to install and most are operated using a single electrical outlet, meaning your fire will be ready to be used almost as soon as it’s delivered.


In addition to a wide range of the best UK brands, our fireplaces suit contemporary and traditional styles and include customisable features so you can get the fireplace of your dreams without compromising on anything.


Check out our range of real flame electric fireplaces and smoke effect models, including Celsi Ultiflame and Dimplex Ultiflame for the most realistic flame effects on the market.

Electric Fire

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Which is the best electric fire to buy?

We ensure that every model sold on Radiance Fireplaces is among the best in the UK for heat, efficiency, quality and style. We only work with the best-rated and most experienced manufacturers around. These include PureGlow, Suncrest, Dimplex and OER.

Choosing the best electric fireplace for you will be a question of taste, space and personal opinion. If you're looking for a highly realistic fireplace, we have flame-effect and smoke effect models that perfectly capture the essence of a real fireplace without the need for extra space or installation. For a true statement piece, check out our electric fireplace suites, with many freestanding models that can be placed directly against a wall with no installation necessary.

Many elements of our electric fires can be customised to perfectly suit the design of your living room. Choose from finishes that include brushed steel, stainless steel, chrome and brass, highly realistic log effect and coal fuel beds, a variety of flame effects and colours and your choice of fire surrounds and back panels on selected models.

We also offer landscape fireplaces and panoramic models that present a stunning modern luxury that you and guests to your house will love.

Is an electric fireplace expensive to run?

Electric fireplaces operate on a single electrical socket and cost about as much to run as a space heater. Depending on the cost of your electricity, they can keep you warm for pounds a year. Some of our manufacturers provide eco models which can keep your electricity bills even lower.

With most electric fireplaces, the flame effect can be used independently of the heat output, meaning they can be used all year round to create a cosy atmosphere without causing a strain on your energy costs.

What is the most efficient electric fire?

Since all the heat generated is used, electric fireplaces are typically more efficient than wood-burning fireplaces which lose heat through the chimney or flue. However, we also stock fireplaces with multiple heat settings and specific eco considerations to help keep your bills low and shrink your carbon footprint. For example, this Be Modern Wall Mounted Azonto model costs less than £4 per year (with only the flame effect being used).

Most of our manufacturers produce eco-friendly models so take a closer look at any fireplace that catches your eye for more information about its eco-performance. 

Where should I place my electric fire?

If you want to create a focal point in your room that you, your family and your guests can enjoy, some of our inset fireplaces and fireplace stoves come with mantels and surrounds included to create a traditional fireplace look. 

For a more modern feel, choose a wall-mounted electric fire that looks beautiful and elegant in any room. Or, for more freedom and flexibility, check out our freestanding fires and electric stoves that can be placed just about anywhere and operate on a single mains outlet. 

Do electric fires heat up a room?

Electric fireplaces are not designed to be used as the sole heat source of a room and, in very large rooms, will not heat the entire room. Electric fireplaces are typically used alongside your radiators to provide a heating boost and create a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

However, in smaller rooms, you may find that your electric fireplace is all you need to heat your room, so take into consideration the size of your room and the size of the fireplace you intend to buy when considering how to heat your room.

How do I install an electric fireplace?

Our freestanding electric fireplaces and stoves are ready to be used as soon as they’re plugged in and don’t need to be installed at all. This is the best option if you have the floor space to place your fireplace or if your property doesn’t have a suitable wall to inset a fireplace.

If you choose an inset or wall-mounted fireplace model, you may need professional support with the installation. Radiance Fireplaces does not provide installation services, so we recommend our customers use Rated People to find a tradesperson in their local area to help them.