Burley electric fireplaces are designed to bring an effortlessly cosy feel to your home, allowing you to create the pleasure of a warm fireplace glow with a simple flame-free installation. Catering for a variety of interior styles, the Burley electric fireplace collection includes everything from traditional electric fire baskets to contemporary remote-controlled electric Burley fireplaces. 


Manufactured in Britain and made with British components, Burley electric fireplaces are built to last, adhering only to the highest level of design and product quality. Styles vary from black-finish Spanish-style fire baskets to brass finish wall-mounted electric fires and brushed steel fire baskets with a modern beach feel.


Throughout the carefully cultivated assortment of electric Burley fireplaces, the impressive highly realistic coal-beds and flames provide the wow factor that is sure to make your Burley fireplace the focal point of any room.

Burley Electric Fireplaces

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Where are Burley electric fireplaces made?

Not only are Burley electric fireplaces manufactured in Britain, but all of their components are also British. Every Burley product is 100% ‘Made in Britain’,  manufactured in-house in Oakham, Rutland. The brand goes to great lengths to ensure the local and responsible sourcing of every component.

Do electric fires heat up a room?

Working similarly to storage heaters, a standard 1800W Burley electric fireplace will easily take the chill out of a small to medium space. Whilst the coals appear smouldering and the ‘fire’ roaring, you’ll get all the look and feel of a real fire stove with a generous heat output range of 0-1.8kW on the majority of Burley models.

Do electric fires just plug in?

Yes, although they may seem complicated at first glance, you really can just plug an electric fireplace into any mains socket in your house. They are designed to look impressive but don’t let that fool you, they’re really simple to use and get going.

Do electric fires look good?

Burley electric fires are designed to give the exact same aesthetic benefits as a regular fireplace. With years of experience and a team of talented designers, Burley fireplaces are designed to suit a range of living room styles to accurately mimic the unique charm of a real roaring fire.