The perfect item for modular garden furniture configurations, a bioethanol fire pit table is an elegant centrepiece in warm and cold weather. Our EcoSmart table fireplaces are set at coffee table height with room to rest drinks so you and your family or friends can gather around whether the fire is on or off.

Bioethanol Fire Pit Tables

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Bioethanol produces a real flame and comforting warmth without the emissions that usually come from wood-burning and gas fireplaces. This clean-burning energy means your tabletop fireplace will still create a beautiful ambience but won't disturb your guests with the smell and smoke from other types of fireplaces.


Typically used as outdoor fireplaces, bioethanol fire tables are ventless and self-contained, meaning there's no need for fuel lines and the table can be set up anywhere your choose. Rearrange your outdoor space as many times as you like at no cost while also enjoying the eco-friendly benefits of bioethanol fuel.


Our bio fire pits include free delivery and 40L of fuel so you can set up and get started as soon as your table is delivered.


Do bioethanol fire pit tables give off heat?

The heaters in a bioethanol burner fire pit produce enough heat to warm a group sitting around the tabletop fireplace when used outdoors. Bioethanol produces a real flame and heat, making them the ideal choice for outdoor heating.


Are bioethanol fireplaces expensive to run?

In comparison with wood, coal and gas fires, your bioethanol fire table will be inexpensive to run. Most outdoor fire pits can run for around 8-11 hours on 2.5 litres of fuel.


How do you put out a bioethanol table fire?

Our tabletop fireplaces all feature a stainless steel lid that can be closed to easily extinguish the fire. Otherwise, your bioethanol fireplace will go out once the fuel has been used up.


Is a bioethanol fire table suitable for outdoor use?

EcoSmart tabletop fire bowls and pits are all designed for use outdoors. They use stainless steel, concrete composite and oiled teak to ensure no rust or rot occurs but it's still a good idea to keep them covered when not in use to maintain the quality of the fireplace.


Because there's no flue or chimney, you can place a bioethanol firebox or table wherever there is room in your garden.


Are bioethanol tabletop fireplaces safe?

Because they create a real flame, some caution needs to be exercised with having children around a bioethanol fire pit in the same way it would with any other kind of fire. Some of our models include glass wind screens to add an extra level of safety, as well as protect the fire from the elements.


Are bioethanol fire tables easy to install?

Unlike gas fire pits, bioethanol fire pits are self-contained, meaning there are no fuel lines to be installed and no ventilation so installation is very easy. If you would rather create your own tabletop fireplace, we also sell bioethanol burners that can be installed into a fire pit base or table with all the functionality of a fire pit table.