Our bioethanol burners can be used to create your dream home fireplace without the effort that typically comes with traditional fireplaces. Bioethanol burners are highly versatile and can be installed into tables, inset into walls and used in fire pits for existing fireplaces. Choose from our rectangular and round bioethanol burners to best suit the vision you have in your mind for your future home or garden.

Bioethanol Burners UK

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Unlike wood-burning, gas and coal fireplaces, bioethanol fireplaces create few emissions, meaning there’s no need for a chimney or flue at installation. This also means that bioethanol burners are more eco-friendly, deriving their fuel from plant matter rather than fossil fuels. 


Enjoy the benefits of a classic fireplace, including a real flame and comfortable heat without any of the clean-up cost and toxins. Our burners can be installed into benches and tables for a free-standing fireplace that can be set up anywhere you want it, making them much more flexible than other types of fireplaces.


Create a beautiful, unique and eye-catching interior layout without the burden of a chimney with our EcoSmart bioethanol burners.


What is a bioethanol burner?

A bioethanol burner is a fireplace that runs on plant matter, meaning it produces fewer emissions and is safe to use indoors without a chimney or flue. Bioethanol fires produce a real flame and give off heat which can typically be used as a heat source in residential rooms. 


The burner is the section that contains the fuel and includes the lid for safely putting out the fire. Our rectangular and round burners can be used in bioethanol fire pits and fireplaces, making them different from the complete fireplaces we stock.


Do bioethanol burners need ventilation?

Bioethanol burns clean, meaning no toxic chemicals are released when your fireplace is lit. Typically, a bioethanol fireplace produces as much CO2 as two medium-sized candles. Since CO2 is being produced you may need some periodic ventilation in the room but chemicals like carbon monoxide and aldehyde are not produced by bioethanol.


Because of their versatile design and eco-friendly emissions, bioethanol burners can be placed anywhere there’s room in your home.


Are bioethanol burners safe?

In terms of fire safety, bioethanol fires are as safe as any other fire that produces a real flame. This means that children should not be left unattended near them and you should avoid lighting a bioethanol fire unless safely out of the reach of children and pets.


How does a bioethanol burner work?

Bioethanol fires are very simple. All you need to do is pour in the fuel, light it and enjoy the flame for anywhere between 8-11 hours. Each burner features a stainless steel lid that can be closed to extinguish the fire whenever you choose.


All our bioethanol burners come with 8 bottles of fuel, totalling 40 litres. 


Is a bioethanol burner easy to install?

Because there’s no need for a chimney or fuel lines, a bioethanol burner is much simpler to install in your home. Bioethanol fireplaces and fire pit tables can be used indoors and outdoors for complete flexibility over your design.


However, because bioethanol burners don’t include the fireplace or table, there may be some installation required to fit the burner into your chosen surround.