7 Reasons Why A Modern Electric Fireplace Is Better Than A Gas Fire

7 Reasons Why A Modern Electric Fireplace Is Better Than A Gas Fire

Sitting in front of a fireplace is one of the simple joys of a homeowner during a cold day. While a traditional fireplace produces more heat, it is not the best option, especially if you have a long electric fireplace.

Some homeowners are using a gas fire as it produces real fire and it heats your room faster. But, can you afford its high price tag? How about the safety risks of using gas fire?

If you still doubt the convenience that electric fireplaces can offer, here are some of the reasons why it is a better option than a gas fire.

Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

  1. Energy Efficiency and Low Operation Costs

In terms of efficiency, a flat wall fireplace is a better option than gas fireplaces. On a 120v outlet, an electric fireplace can produce over 5,000 BTUs, which is capable of warming up a 500 square feet area. The best thing about this is that they can convert all the energy to heat.

Gas fireplaces use around 7,000 to 16,000 BTUs, but they lose 20 to 75 percent of heat depending on the type of fireplace you are using.

As for the operation costs, you will need to spend around £45 a year for a gas fireplace while you only spend £18 for electric fireplaces if you will use them as supplemental heaters.

  1. Appearance and Display

Most of you would say that a gas fireplace gives a more realistic feeling since it creates real fire. But, electric fireplaces offer more options in terms of display. Some models allow you to change the display of the fireplace. You can even opt for more expensive models with hologram imaging. The sound effects would make the electric fireplace look similar to a traditional fireplace.

Electric fireplaces also come in different styles and designs. Some models look just like a traditional fireplace and there are unique shapes and sizes as well.

  1. Simple Installation

One of the best reasons to opt for fireplace heaters is their simple installation process. You don’t need to be a professional to install an electric fireplace. As long as you have an outlet on the wall, you can start using an electric fireplace immediately.

Gas fireplaces require a gas line and you usually need a vent for the smoke. Even if it is a non-venting unit, preparing the gas line would take a lot of time and effort.

Electric fireplaces are plug-and-play devices that you can use anywhere. If you don’t have an extra outlet on the wall, you can just hire someone to install it and you’re good to go. Some models can even be mounted on the wall for aesthetic and safety purposes. No matter what type of electric fireplace you plan to use, it won’t have a complicated installation process.

  1. Installation Cost

The installation cost is usually the deciding factor when it comes to fireplaces. Most homeowners would opt for something that would not break the bank. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of things that you need to do to install an electric fireplace and a gas fire.

  • Gas Fireplace Installation Cost

Most pre-built gas fireplaces cost around £650 to £2,250. Some options are cheaper or more expensive, but they are not usually ideal for regular homes. You need a gas exhaust to run the unit because gas creates smoke and that would cost around £150 to £370.

There are other things that you need to install for the gas-burning fireplace and it would usually cost you around £1,200 to £2,250 for a full installation. All in all, you can expect to spend around £1,800 to £4,500 for the installation of your gas fireplace.

  • Electric Fireplace Installation Cost

Electric fireplaces are cheaper compared with a gas fire. For a normal household, you can buy a unit worth around £220 to £700. Since you will only use it for supplemental heating, you don’t need units that are too expensive.

If you need to install an additional outlet for the fireplace, you only need to spend around £200 to £700 depending on the location. Opening a wall for a recessed unit would cost around £150 to £450.

The maximum amount that you’re going to spend on an electric fireplace is £2,000. If you already have an outlet in the area where you plan to put the electric fireplace, you won’t have to spend on the extra installation costs.

  1. Safe to Use

Electric fireplaces are perfectly safe, especially if you have pets and kids inside the house. Unlike gas fireplaces, they don’t generate real fire so you won’t have to worry about being burned if you touched them. The outer casing doesn’t usually heat up so it will not burn your pets or your kids if they accidentally touched the surface.

There are no gas leaks as well since they use electricity so you won’t have to worry about health issues. Although electrical fires can occur, it is very rare since modern units have an auto shut-off feature that would immediately kick in when the unit becomes too hot.

  1. Low Maintenance

Getting a cast iron electric fire means less maintenance for you. You don’t have to constantly check the unit and ask professionals to inspect every part. Electric fireplaces do not burn gas and they don’t need vents as well.

Gas fireplaces need yearly maintenance. You need to check the vents before winter and make sure that it is clean. The valves should be checked for possible leaks and you have to be sure that they are working properly. Although the maintenance is minimal as well, electric fireplaces are a better long-term investment.

  1. Portable

Yes, electric fireplaces can be moved, except the models that are fixed on the wall. Compared with a gas fireplace, you can bring your electric fireplaces anywhere in the house as long as there is an outlet on the wall.

Gas fireplaces need to be very close to a gas source. Although you can move it if you have a portable gas tank, this is very dangerous since the tank is not hidden. With a modern electric fireplace, you can bring it in your living room if you have guests or you can put it inside your room to help with the heating.


A modern electric fireplace provides a safer environment for everyone. No matter how careful you are with a gas fireplace, the chances of accidents are higher.

You don’t need to put yourself and your family in danger just because you want to be comfortable during the winter. An electric fireplace provides the same heating capability as gas fireplaces, but it’s more affordable, safer, and easier to install.

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