The Best & Most Realistic Flame Effect Fires to Buy

The Best & Most Realistic Flame Effect Fires to Buy

Technological advancements in the electric fire industry have meant that you can now purchase an incredibly realistic electric fire that accurately mimics the movement, colour and visuals of a real flame. 

Whilst the price you have to pay for a real-effect fire differs between brands and models, there are plenty of amazingly realistic electric fire options with impressive flame effects, surrounds, and log beds. Ranging from electric stoves to full electric fireplace suites and electric fireplace inserts.

Using our industry knowledge, we’ve compiled a wide variety of the most realistic electric fires available on the market, so that you can buy your perfect electric fireplace with confidence - and people won’t be able to tell the difference!


Most Realistic Electric Fire Flame: Dimplex Opti-Myst & Optiflame Technology

Dimplex has developed the most realistic electric fire flames on the market, using advanced 3D flame technology, LED flame technology, and water vapour technology to create the perfect realistic flame.

The advanced Optiflame technique creates the illusion of real burning logs, and the effect of ‘dying embers’ remains even when the electric fire is switched off. On top of this, Dimplex’s Opti-Myst designs dispense an ultra-fine mist that rises above the electric fire’s ‘fuel bed’ to give the three-dimensional effect of rising heat in an electric fire flame effect so real that it is easily mistaken for the real thing.

Their most impressive real-flame effect electric fires includes their Dimplex Cavalli Optimyst Electric Fireplace Suite complete with Opti-Myst technology, a striking white surround and a mirrored panel for the most immersive flame display available. Some models also come complete with Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro for an even more dramatic flame effect.

In a more traditional electric stove styling, the Dimplex Club LED Optiflame Electric Stove contains the beautiful flames behind a cosy stove door for added authenticity. The model could easily be mistaken for a real traditional wood-burning fireplace, which further proves that Dimplex is deserving of the title of ‘most realistic electric fire flame'.



Most Realistic Electric Fire Surrounds: Celsi Electric Suites

The Celsi brand is notorious for its jaw-dropping electric fireplaces suites that are sure to be the focal point of any space. Whilst electric fires are often assumed to be on the smaller side, Celsi is a prime example of the luxurious fire surround designs on offer. And with Celsi’s flame-only mode you can get all of the flame effect without any of the heat output, perfect for cosy summer nights or an energy-saving option throughout the day. 

Their most impressive models include the Celsi Ultiflame VR Gemma 800 Illumia Electric Fireplace Suite with downlights built into the suite for maximum drama, and the Celsi Electriflame VR Media 1100 Illumia Suite - Electric Fireplace which has shelving included in the electric fire surround for space-saving practicality and added interior allure.

Most Realistic Electric Fire Fuel Beds: Flare Electric Fires

As every fire needs fuel, a realistic electric fire fuel bed is essential for an authentic look. Flare (a brand created by Be Modern) is one of the best at creating impressively real-looking fuel beds of coal, logs and stone.

For example, the Flare Avant 3 sided (750) Wall Mounted Electric Fire combines bespoke loose logs, pebbles and reflective crystals to capture the most light and create the most realistic glowing effect from just a simple LED flame. There is even the choice of 6 fuel bed colours that you can control via remote control for a glow tailored to your tastes and interior. 

Another benefit of the Flare range is that all of the realistic electric fires are of amazing quality but at a lower price point than some alternatives - which makes their fantastic range of fuel beds even more impressive. 

For example. If you don’t want a fireplace with a log bed, you can opt for a design such as their Amari wall / stand mounted Electric Fireplace which combines two-tone pebbles with glass pebbles for a realistic electric fire that looks like a real fireplace even when it isn’t switched on.



Most Realistic Electric Fire Log Stores: Flametek Electric Stoves & Suites

If you’re looking for a truly realistic electric log burner that looks just like a real wood-burning fireplace, Flametek is the master of creating beautifully convincing log store electric stoves that bring all the decorative charm of real wooden logs into your home. With models even featuring decorative flues for full effect, Flametek’s electric stoves & suites are the most convincing log burners on the market and perfect if you want a more traditional fireplace.

For a dramatic full suite, a design such as the Flametek Brooklyn Electric Fireplace Suite is an excellent choice. The realistic crystal flame setting, ceramic fuel bed and generous log storage all contribute to this electric fireplaces’ convincing design. 

Or for a more traditional electric stove, the Flametek Alto T 2KW Electric Stove is charming, compact and features log storage, realistic flue, and an open-and-close stove door. 

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