How to install a wall mounted electric fire & TV in your home

How to install a wall mounted electric fire & TV in your home

Having your TV mounted above your fireplace is a great way to create a stylish focal point in your living room. With so many ways to create the perfect media wall with a fireplace and TV, this is a style choice that works for all different kinds of homes and helps you make the most of your space.

If you’re going to be installing the electric fireplace and TV yourself, there’s a lot you need to consider before setting about the work. Since we’re often asked this question by our customers, we’ve put together some advice and inspiration for your dream TV and fire feature wall.

Mounting your TV

Can you put a TV above a fireplace? The answer to this question hinges on a number of things you’ll need to know about your chosen TV, fireplace and the location of your media wall. First off, some TVs don’t respond well to being exposed to heat, meaning you’ll need to check the safety advice of your TV before you start any work creating your fireplace and TV wall.

If you’re planning to create a false wall for your TV and fireplace, you should be aware that stud walls like this aren’t load-bearing, so your TV could come crashing out of the wall if not enough care was taken during installation. Your TV may have instructions on how to mount it safely on a stud wall, so read the installation instructions carefully if this is the route you’re taking.

TV above built in electric fireplace

Gazco Radiance 135R Inset Electric Fire


If you’re wondering how to mount a TV in a chimney breast made of brick or concrete, you’ll most likely need to buy the equipment to properly fix the TV to the wall, as most TVs don’t come with the necessary tools to do so. 

One of the biggest challenges of creating a sleek, professional-looking fireplace and TV wall is hiding the wires. Whether you’re installing your TV onto a wall or a chimney breast, you’ll either need to create a recess in the plasterboard or use a wire management system to keep them out of sight.

Installing your fireplace

When fitting a fireplace under your TV, you’ll need to think about the heat output, the size and the style of your fireplace to make sure everything works perfectly. For example, it’s always best to buy an electric fireplace with a front heater to avoid the heat being pushed upwards towards the TV. 

If you’re going for a hole-in-the-wall fireplace design, you’ll also need to make sure you don’t block the heat within the wall, as this will mean it doesn’t heat your room as well as it should. It’ll also be more difficult to create a recess for your fireplace in a solid wall, so you may want to opt for a wall-mounted fireplace to save you the work. If you still want a fireplace that looks flush to the wall but not inset, we have a selection of beautiful modern designs, like the Celsi Electriflame VR Basilica.

If you’re installing an electric fire in your chimney breast, you may need to create a new lintel and surround to properly fix everything in place. If this is the case, you’ll also need to make sure your new electric fire is the right size for the recess of your current fireplace. If it’s smaller, you’ll need to create a new plasterboard surround to correctly seal the fire in place.

How to install a TV and electric fire in a chimney breast

The following video is a really great example of how to install an inset fire with a TV above, including creating a plasterboard surround and recesses for the wires.

The creator of the video decided to go with one of the beautiful Gazco Inset Fireplaces known as the Gazco Radiance 105R ( you can find the product on our store here Gazco Radiance 105R. They are perfect for that wall mounted Electric Fire and TV look we are going for. ) 

If the Gazco isn't to your liking, take a look at our most popular wall-mounted electric fire here. It's the Electriflame Commodus by Celsi who have arguably the best electric flame technology available on the market.

10 steps to creating a TV and fire wall

  1. Remove and open up the old fire
  2. Install a new lintel
  3. Create a wall chase for HDMI cables
  4. Plasterboard the front and sides
  5. Sort out electricals for TV and Fire
  6. Fit the fire and secure the sides
  7. Install HDMI cables into the wall chase
  8. Mount the TV above the fireplace
  9. Install Cable entry/exit plates
  10. Mount the TV and make the final finishes

    TV media wall with fireplace ideas

    Once you’ve decided to create a media wall and you’ve done all the important work of making sure you can create it in your home, you’ll also have to decide on what features your media wall is going to have.

    What is a media wall?

    A media wall is a TV feature wall with a fireplace included. It’s an effective way to maximise space and focus the attention of the room. In addition to a TV and fireplace, media walls can include other features, such as art, shelves or other decorative additions.

    Celsi electric fireplace suite with TV above

    Celsi Ultiflame VR Gemma 800 Illumia


    Choosing or creating the wall

    Installing a fireplace and TV into the same wall is going to put a lot of strain on your chosen wall. This is why you need to understand how to properly install both TV and fire wherever you’ve chosen to set them up. If you’re planning on adding to an existing wall or creating a false chimney breast for your TV and fire, you may need to enlist the help of a professional. 

    Once you’ve chosen the wall, you’ll then need to consider the dimensions of the wall and what else you plan to add to create your ultimate media wall. This might be shelves, cabinets or alcoves for storage or art to make even more of a statement. 

    Electric fireplace ideas with TV above

    Modern inset fireplaces

    Most often, the fires people choose to include in the media walls are built-in electric fireplaces, which can include wall mounted fireplaces, as well as inset fireplaces with mantels. Deciding which style to go for will depend on your personal preference. Fireplaces with mantels create a more traditional, commanding feel whereas hole-in-wall designs are often more modern and understated.

    Wall mounted electric fires

    If you’re unable to install an inset fireplace in your house, we also offer wall-mounted fireplaces in a variety of styles, including models with surrounds, as well as models that hang flush to the wall for the illusion of an inset fireplace.

    TV and fire feature wall with Be Modern fireplace

    Flare Avant 3 Sided Wall Mounted Electric Fire


    Traditional inset fireplaces

    If you’re opting for a traditional electric fireplace design with a mantel, you’ll have to consider how this will affect the placement of your TV. If your TV is mounted above your fireplace at a position that’s too high for your furniture, you could risk placing your TV too high which can affect the viewing quality and make for uncomfortable watching!

    TV and fireplace walls are stylish, attractive and work with a range of interior designs, from space-saving to attention-grabbing, modern or traditional. If you’re looking to create the perfect media wall with a wall-mounted TV and electric fireplace, get inspired by our extensive range of top-quality electric fireplaces from the best manufacturers in the UK.

    If you have any questions about any of the products we sell, please don't hesitate to email us at, message us on the live chat app or phone our support number which is 0800 037 9923

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