How to install a wall mounted Electric Fire & TV in your home

How to install a wall mounted Electric Fire & TV in your home

We get a lot of questions from you about the trendy wall mounted Electric Fire and TV look that is so popular at the moment. 

We decided to create a small blog post about it. 

While we were researching for the blog post, I came across a great video that is linked at the bottom of this post. The video does a great job of showing the process of installing an Electric Fireplace and TV into the chimney breast of an old house. 

The creator of the video decided to go with one of the beautiful Gazco Inset Fireplaces known as the Gazco Radiance 105R ( you can find the product on our store here Gazco Radiance 105R. They are perfect for that wall mounted Electric Fire and TV look we are going for. ) 

If the Gazco isn't to your liking, take a look at our most popular wall-mounted electric fire here. It's the Electriflame Commodus by Celsi who have arguably the best electric flame technology available on the market.

The owner has explained in the description of the video that the reason for purchasing this Electric Fire is because it is "one of the most energy efficient fires out there".

We couldn't agree more. 

Here is a step by step breakdown from the video.  

Materials used

Electric Fire, TV Wall Mount, Tapered edge plasterboard, Lintel, HDMI cables, Cable entry/exit wall plate. 


  1. Remove old fire and opening up the fire
  2. Install new Lintel
  3. Create wall chase for HDMI cables
  4. Plasterboard the front and sides
  5. Sort our electricals for TV and Fire
  6. Fit the fire and secure the sides
  7. Install HDMI cables into the wall chase
  8. Wallmount the TV bracket
  9. Install Cable entry/exit plates
  10. Wallmount the TV and make the final finishes

    We thought that this video does a much better job of showing you the process of creating the wall mounted fire and tv look than if we were to explain it to you in a blog post. 

    If you have any questions about the Gazco Radiance 105R or any other product we sell, please don't hesitate to email us at , message us on the live chat app or phone our support number which is 033 3303 4701

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      Could I please get a quote on the mounted electric fire and tv stand.

      Thank you

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