Double-Sided Electric Fireplace Vs. Space Heaters: Which is Safer?

Double-Sided Electric Fireplace Vs. Space Heaters: Which is Safer?

Keeping a comfortable temperature inside your home became challenging over the years because of safety concerns on fireplaces. While proper insulation can keep you warm on normal days, it won’t be enough when frigid temperatures persist.

Recessed electric fires or space heaters would provide that extra heat to keep you comfortable during the winter. Both of them can keep you warm, but which one is safer?

In terms of safety, a double-sided electric fireplace is a better choice than a space heater. Let’s look at the facts.


Are Space Heaters Safe to Use?


 (Report made with findings from American data)

Heating equipment is still one of the leading causes of home fires and home fire deaths in the United States, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

The heating equipment category mentioned by the NFPA includes fixed and portable space heaters, wood stoves, and central heating. Space heaters are responsible for about 43 percent of home heating fires in the United States.

On the other hand, the retail sales of electric fireplaces in the U.S. are in an upward trend. The sales surged from £120 million in 2012 to £145 million in 2018. These figures show that homeowners are choosing electric fireplaces over space heaters.

In the United Kingdom, the London Fire Brigade reported over 700 fires and 140 injuries in the last five years because of portable heaters.


Why Is a Double-Sided Electric Fireplace Safer to Use?

Since we’ve talked about the facts about space heaters, let’s talk about the safety of using a double-sided electric fireplace.

This type of heating equipment is very efficient as it can heat two rooms at the same time. By installing this heating equipment between two rooms, you can save more energy. An electric fireplace is only meant to supplement your central heating system. It means that it doesn’t need to produce a high temperature to keep the area warm.

We listed down a few reasons why artificial fireplaces are safer to use compared with space heaters.

  1. It is fixed in a Single location

A double-sided electric fireplace is fixed in a single location. It means that you cannot move it around the room and it won’t reach flammable materials. As long as you keep the curtains and other fabrics away from the fireplace, it won’t cause a fire.

A space heater is usually portable and you can move it around the room. If you constantly move it, there is a chance that you might accidentally place the heater near the flammable materials.

  1. Low-Temperature Setting

Unlike space heaters, electric fireplaces have a low temperature setting. They produce enough heat to support your heating system.

Space heaters produce more heat than electric fireplaces. It means that the chances of fire are higher, especially when you accidentally tipped it over.

  1. Safe for Kids and Pets

It is almost impossible to overturn or tip over an electric fireplace. Fireplaces are placed on the wall because it has to be near an outlet, which makes it safer if you have pets and kids.

This heating equipment uses artificial heat and the fire produced is only for visual effects. Your kids and pets might get burned when they touch a space heater accidentally. Electric fireplaces are cool to touch so even if they touch it, they won’t be harmed.

  1. Turn Off Heat Instantly

You can turn off your electric fireplace with a push of a button. The plug can be removed directly as well to stop the heat.


The Top Benefits of Electric Fireplaces



Using a corner electric fire gives you more benefits than you can imagine. Space heaters and other heating options are amazing, but electric fireplaces offer better features. The number of electric fireplace users increased over the years and it is not only because of its modern appearance.

If you are still unsure if electric fireplaces fit your requirements, here are the benefits that they can offer.

  1. Looks Like a Traditional Fireplace

We’ve always wanted that old look of a traditional fireplace, but the toxic fumes from gas and charcoal won’t give you a good experience.

Electric fireplaces produce heat through electricity. You get the look and a feel of a traditional fireplace without the toxic fumes and smoke.

  1. Lasts for a Long Time

Compared with a space heater, double-sided electric fireplaces last for a long time. If you have kids or pets inside your home, there is a high chance that they would accidentally bump the space heater. Although they are built to last, being bumped and tipped over multiple times can damage their internal parts.

Electric fireplaces are completely different because they are very safe even if you have kids and pets in your house. They won’t tip over easily so the risk of damage is minimal.

  1. Versatility

In terms of installation, electric fireplaces are extremely versatile since different installation methods are available depending on the style you select.

Some electric fireplaces can be placed on the floor just like a space heater. You can move your electric fireplace anywhere you want as long as there is an outlet. Electric fireplaces that can be hung on a wall is very popular right now. This would help you save more floor space and prevent kids and pets from touching the fireplace.

Some models can also be placed on your entertainment center or attached to other fixtures in your house.

  1. Energy Efficient

Using your main heating system constantly would increase your energy bills. Electric fireplaces are more efficient, especially if you only need to heat a single room.

Space heaters and infrared heaters are also energy efficient, but electrical fireplaces rank at the top. They produce more heat and use less electricity.

  1. Low Maintenance

Compared to a traditional fireplace, there is almost little to no maintenance in using an electric fireplace. You don’t need to burn real wood and clean the chimney as there is no smoke and fumes.

You only need to turn it on if you need to heat the room and turn it off once you’re done.



To Sum It Up

There were no reported cases of fire that are directly associated with an electric fireplace making the safest choice for supplemental heating. Space heaters and other heating equipment are not even close to electric fireplaces in terms of safety and features.

If you want a safe and effective way to make you and your family comfortable during the winter season, a double-sided electric fireplace will do the trick.

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