The World's Biggest Celebrity Style Influences

The World's Biggest Celebrity Style Influences

Interior design celebrities and influencers dominate our screens, from Escape to the Chateau to the Property Brothers, people the world over love to get inspired by beautiful home design.

Using a list of over 100 A-list interior designers, we've identified the most popular designers across every continent for style inspiration and envy.




1. Joanna Gaines - 2,676,000 yearly searches

Rising to fame on HGTV, one half of the husband and wife team behind Fixer Upper and First Time Fixer, Joanna Gaines is the most searched-for interior designer in the world.

2. Drew Scott - 684,000 yearly searches

One half of the Property Brothers, Canadian-born Drew Scott has been on TV since 2011. Although originally a real estate agent, his fame in the design sector have made him one of the most famous faces around.

3. Jillian Harris - 588,000 yearly searches

Star of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris has also features as a designer on Extreme Makeover. With a celebrated career in TV and design, Jillian Harris is the 3rd most popular design star in North America.

4. Chip Gaines - 444,000 yearly searches

Coming in a few places behind his wife, Chip Gaines has also starred in several HGTV shows over the years as a designer.

5. Jonathan Adler - 420,000 yearly searches

Originally a potter for Barney's in New York, Jonathan Adler is a celebrated interior designer with his own eponymous label sold internationally.


1. Sarah Beeny - 816,000 yearly searches

Star of Property Ladder, Sarah Beeny has had a long career in design. Her search volume makes her the second-most popular interior designer in the world overall.

2. George Clarke - 516,000 yearly searches

A trained architect and host of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, Clarke has been providing quirky, unexpected inspiration to audiences for years.

3. Philippe Starcke - 492,000 yearly searches

French designer, architect and artist has greatly influenced every field with his elegant and adventurous designs.

4. Kirstie Allsopp - 348,000 yearly searches

Famous for hosting Location, Location, Location, Kirstie Allsopp is a celebrated TV personality and designer.

5. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen - 276,000 yearly searches

Star of the original Changing Rooms, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is a hugely popular TV personality and designer with several interiors ranges with multiple brands.


1. Kelly Hoppen - 264,000 yearly searches

Now living in the UK, the former Dragons' Den star is a stylist to the stars and proprietor of her own interiors business.

2. Charles Zana - 7,200 yearly searches

Tunisian-born architect Charles Zana was raised in France and has created design projects in Paris, London and Tel Aviv.

3. Mona Hussein - 3,000 yearly searches

Egyptian interior designer Mona Hussein holds multiple awards, with residential and commercial projects across Egypt and the Middle East.

4. Linda Pinto - 2,400 yearly searches

Director of her late brother's studio, Alberto Pinto, Moroccan-born Linda Pinto is a famous designer in France. Their studio's designs can be found throughout the world.

5. Hicham Lahlou - 2,400 yearly searches

 Hicham Lahlou is a Moroccan interior designer, architect and artist.

1. Kyly Clarke - 156,000 yearly searches

Once known as the 'first lady of cricket' Kyly Clarke is a former beauty queen and interior design businesswoman.

2. Anouska Hempel - 61,200 yearly searches

Originally an actress, New Zealander Anouska's interior design business based in London. Including her own, she has designed for several hotels in London, as well as residential and commercial projects.

3. David Hicks - 48,000 yearly searches

Born in Australia, David Hicks spent time in Malaysia before studying interior design and founding his own Sydney studio.

4. Greg Natale - 9,600 yearly searches

Australian interior designer Greg Natale also own a homeware business that carries his name.

5. Blainey North - 7,200 yearly searches

 Heavily inspired by the city, Blainey North splits her time between Sydney and London and specialises in industrial furniture and design work.

1. Arthur Cassas - 42,000 yearly searches

Brazilian architect and designer Arthur Cassas is known internationally for his designs.

2. Carlos Rossi - 31,200 yearly searches

With an architectural career spanning over 20 years, Rossi's work can be found throughout Central America, Africa and Europe.

3. Andrea Flores - 24,000 yearly searches

Andrea Flores' studio, Comité de Proyectos in Mexico creates light, modern and creative designs. Their work has been featureed in Vogue Mexico, Dezeen and many others.

4. David Bastos - 7,200 yearly searches

Another Brazilian architect creating beautiful, bright and modern designs from offices in Sao Paulo and El Salvador.

5. Hector Esrawe - 3,000 yearly searches

An architect and designer, Hector Esrawe focuses on interior design, construction and furniture.

1. Andre Fu - 10,800 yearly searches

The designer behind the Upper House hotel in Hong Kong, Andre Fu has a homeware business in addition to his work as an interior designer.

2. Joyce Wang - 9,600 yearly searches

Sharing her time between London and Hong Kong, Joyce Wang has designed homes, restaurants and retail spaces across the world.

3. Chahan Minassia - 8,400 yearly searches

Born in Lebanon, Chahan Minassian is a French interior designer with high-end designed featured throughout Paris and internationally.

4. Tony Chi - 7,200 yearly searches

Taiwanese-American designer Tony Chi has designed for hotels in New York, Shanghai, Chengdu and London.

5. Kwangho Lee - 2,400 yearly searches

Kwangho Lee's imaginative and bright furniture design, which combines old with new, has been featured in exhibitions in Miami and Brussels, as well as throughout his native South Korea.


The Most Popular Celebrity Homes

In addition to famous interior designers, we've also got major home envy for A-list celebrities. From the Kardashians to LeBron James, here are the most eye-wateringly enviable celebrity homes.

1. Kim Kardashian - 144,000 yearly searches

With over 140,000 yearly searches, Kim K has the most enviable house of all time. The Californian home she shared with husband Kanye West is a love-it-or-hate-it haven of neutrals throughout.

2. Ellen DeGeneres - 110,400 yearly searches

Actress and TV personality Ellen DeGeneres also has a sprawling real estate portfolio, including several California mansions. Her most recent sale of a Bel Air property went for over $40m.

3. Kylie Jenner - 108,000 yearly searches

Following behind her sister, Kylie's main Californian mansion features a pool the length of the house, as well as a bar and a cinema room.

4. LeBron James - 106,800 yearly searches

With multiple properties in Beverly Hills, LeBron James has an impressive real estate portfolio, with his latest house features a tennis court, cinema room and views of Beverly Hills and the Pacific Ocean.

5. Drake - 98,400 yearly searches

Known as 'The Embassy', Drake has built his own exuberant, excessive mansion in his hometown of Toronto, the only person in the top 5 to live outside of California. The 'modern Art Deco' house features a full-size basketball court.


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