Can you put a TV above your electric fireplace?

Can you put a TV above your electric fireplace?

Installing your electric fireplace and TV on the same wall is a common style choice in both contemporary and older homes. But, while it certainly can be done, it’s something you’ll need to do your research on before you start installing, as there are a number of major issues that can affect the performance and quality of your fireplace or TV, rendering the whole set-up pointless.

Things to look out for

From the most common sense issue of excessive heat to issues you may not think of until the TV is up like picture quality, here are four things you need to know about and how to avoid them happening when planning your feature fireplace wall.

Heat damage

Any time you’re installing an electric fireplace and TV on the same wall, you’ll need to think about the heat output of your device and how that might affect the performance of your TV. T avoid this happening, you’ll need to check the manual of both your TV and fireplace to understand how they both work and what the heat tolerance of your TV is.

When fitting a wall-mounted fireplace with a TV above, you’ll want to choose a model with front-facing heat output. This means that the heat won’t be driven in the direction of your TV and also makes it less likely that heat will be trapped in the walls, reducing the performance of your electric fireplace.

If your fireplace has an upward-facing heat fan, you may need to install a mantel or ensure there is enough distance between the fireplace and the TV to prevent damage from occurring.

OER electric suite with media wall

Neck strain

A challenge you might face if you have to keep a specific distance from your TV and fireplace, some people can struggle with neck strain when looking at their TV for too long in the wrong position. Your TV may be placed too high for it to be possible to comfortably sit on your sofa and watch too long so understand the limits of your furniture before you affix the TV to the wall.

If you can only have your TV and fireplace on the same wall at a distance from each other that could cause neck strain, you should consider buying a tilted TV bracket. This will allow you to alter the position of your TV and make for comfortable viewing regardless of how high it needs to be placed.

Picture quality

Similarly, a fire and TV wall in your home that isn’t properly positioned can risk affecting the picture quality of your TV. LED-backlit LCD TVs can often suffer from significant picture degradation depending on the angle of viewing. If your TV is placed too high because of your electric fireplace, You might not get exactly what you paid for, which can be frustrating if you’ve bought a new TV for the set-up.

A tilted TV bracket will be able to help you manage this problem as well. This will allow you to place your TV anywhere on the wall and still enjoy the prime viewing angles. If you’re putting all the effort into installing a wall-mounted TV and electric fireplace together, it’s only right that you get the best equipment to create a comfortable, quality living experience.

Installing a Flare Albani Fireplace above a TV

Flare Albali Wall Mounted Electric Fire


Load-bearing walls

Whether you’re installing a built-in TV and fireplace or a wall-mounted electric fire and TV, you’ll need to pay attention to the fabric of the wall you’ve chosen. Stud walls made of plasterboard are often not strong enough to support the full weight of one heavy mounted object, let alone two. 

This is particularly an issue if you have a built-in fireplace as you’ll be removing a section of the wall to create space for it. This can also be a challenge if you were intending to change the shape of your room with a false wall for your TV or fireplace and could affect the style of your home.

To avoid this, you may need to source the proper equipment to safely hang your TV and fireplace from the wall, choose the correct point in the wall to affix both objects or alter your design plans to better suit the needs of both TV and fireplace. If you have an inset electric fireplace with a mantel, this could be a safer option as, while there will still be a recess for the fireplace, only the TV will be putting its whole weight on the wall.

Carefully considering your TV and electric fireplace installation is very important to avoid creating problems for yourself in your own home. When you want to create the perfect built-in fireplace and TV setup, you should understand these challenges and make sure you don’t fall victim to them.

For more TV feature wall with fireplace ideas and advice, check out the blog on how to install a wall-mounted TV and electric fireplace.

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