The Bedroom Fireplace Trend: How much value can it add, what are the risks & what’s the most stylish way to decorate yours?

The Bedroom Fireplace Trend: How much value can it add, what are the risks & what’s the most stylish way to decorate yours?

The Return of The Bedroom Fireplace, a Period Feature in Contemporary Homes

Bedroom fireplaces are no longer luxury home features exclusive to Cher and Kim Kardashian. Fuelled by the rise in popularity of luxe interiors and a bounce-back of Victorian styling, bedroom fireplaces are making their way onto the wishlist of more and more homebuyers - and they can be worth a pretty penny. 

On Pinterest, searches for inspiration surrounding bedroom fireplaces were up 42% in January 22 compared to December last year (2021). And currently, 1,100 people in the UK search for homes with a fireplace in the bedroom every month.

Bedroom fireplaces were common features in Victorian properties, incorporated for their essential room heating function. But as time went on, homeowners started to cover them up in an attempt to ‘modernise’ their properties when new heating methods were introduced.

Yet in recent years, bedroom fireplaces have bounced back onto the interior design radar, renowned as luxury features in celebrity mansions and scenes in Dynasty, as bold statements of wealth and power. 

But when the pandemic hit, more people than ever started playing with the idea that everyday luxury is no longer exclusively for the wealthy. So began the trend of homeowners uncovering and decorating their existing bedroom fireplaces.

Plus, the bedroom fireplace trend only looks to grow as people lean into Pinterest’s ‘limitless luxe’ prediction for 2022 which sees millennials and Gen X striving to buy properties with added everyday luxuries. Which thanks to Pinterest and almost every lavish celebrity bedroom ever - means fireplaces in bedrooms. 

But not straying from the Victorian design roots of bedroom fireplaces, Google searches are currently up 140% for the ‘Victorian Era’. And we suspect this plays a large part in the impressive current worth of a bedroom fireplace in your period property…

Are Bedroom Fireplaces Worth Anything?

According to our research, having a fireplace in one or more of your bedrooms adds an average of £14,945 to your home’s value.


We studied 100s of properties for sale in Greater Manchester, pinpointing the houses with fireplaces in one or more bedrooms, and taking note of their listed price.

We then sourced the price of a comparable property sold within the same postcode area in the past 12 months that didn’t feature fireplaces in the bedrooms. We then added those prices into our database and calculated the difference in value between the two properties, repeating the process for all suitable properties and working out an average cost to see how having a bedroom fireplace impacts house value.

To ensure that the averages were calculated accurately and the result was credible, we manually assessed the standard of finish, the number of rooms and general condition of the comparable properties to ensure that they aligned with the home we were indexing them against - so that the results weren’t skewed by any other factors. 

Here is the table of findings: 


Average Recent Sold Price of Comparable Property (Zoopla)

Listing Price

Price Difference


Clifton Street, Alderley Edge SK9




Roman Road, Stockton Heath, Warrington, Cheshire WA4




Acresfield Road, Salford M6




Darwen Road, Egerton, Bolton, Greater Manchester BL7




Lawrence Road, Altrincham WA14




Lever Street, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK7




Westgate, Sale M33




Matlock Road, New Wessington, Alfreton DE55




The Ivies, Pudsey LS28




Kenlis Road, Barnacre, Preston PR3




Average Difference: 


The Risks of a Real Fireplace in Your Bedroom

In true Instagram vs Real Life fashion, having a working fireplace in your bedroom might look incredible, but it comes with a few risks that can be incredibly dangerous to your health and safety. 

Escaping embers

Whilst fireplaces serve to contain real fires, they can often be uncontrollably lively. Meaning that it’s a possibility that embers will hop out of the fire into the room. And since bedrooms are full of super flammable materials like rugs, curtains and bedding, you’ll want to invest in a fire alarm and heat alarm as absolute essentials.  A fireplace screen, or better, a door can prevent flying embers also.

For added peace of mind, keeping a mini fire extinguisher in your room is a great precaution in case things did get out of control and a fire started.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is caused by a build-up of carbon dioxide when a fire is burning and it has run out of oxygen - and it can be a killer when inhaled. It’s crucial to fully understand and prevent this risk, especially in a bedroom where you will go to sleep, breathing in carbon monoxide overnight could be fatal. 

To avoid any negative outcomes, ensure that your room is well ventilated and that the fireplace’s flue isn’t blocked up, as well as regularly emptying any ash buckets. You also need to install a carbon monoxide detector somewhere in the room so that you’ll be alerted if levels become unsafe.

Getting too cosy

It’s not hard to imagine that snuggling up in bed with a book next to a roaring fireplace might make you feel next-level cosy, and subsequently….very sleepy. But you must never ever fall asleep with a fire burning. 

There are multiple serious risks involved; including a housefire starting in very close proximity whilst you’re sleeping, damage to your lungs from prolonged smoke inhalation, or irritability in your eyes and respiratory system caused by smoke particles in the air. This is why you must always make effort to ensure the fire is fully out before you go to sleep, no matter what.

The Most-Pinned Fireplace Styling on Pinterest 

Searches for ‘bedroom fireplace’ on Pinterest are higher now than at any point in 2021, with one pin taking centre stage.

This pin from ‘This 1870 House’, has racked up 42,323 saves, which is a heck of a lot for the fickle Pinterest user base. 


Whilst this isn’t a working fireplace, it shows the incorporation of the breakout trending ‘Victorian-era bedroom fireplace’ as the room’s central interior focal point. 

Styling Tips to Achieve This Modern Victorian Bedroom Fireplace Look

  • Leafy mantlepiece styling is the key to achieving this boho-victorian mashup look. A mixture of pot sizes, neutral colours, patterns and textures will add to this effortless, earth-inspired look.
  • Minimalist art will draw attention to your fireplace, but won’t distract from it. Line drawing pieces are great for this, they create a stylish aesthetic that complements your Victorian fireplace, without being too ‘boring’. 
  • Hanging a large mirror above a dark Victorian fireplace can brighten your room and create an illusion of extra space and airiness. Dark interior colours have a shrinking effect, so you can counteract the space-reducing illusion of a black fireplace with a light-reflecting mirror. 

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