5 Reasons why an Electric Fireplace is superior

5 Reasons why an Electric Fireplace is superior

Ever considered why so many people are switching to Electric Fireplaces?


1. No Fumes

It's no secret that when you burn fuel for your fire, it will emit smoke/fumes. Not only are these fumes harmful to us but they can leave a horrible smell in the fabric and furniture of your home. 

Don't get me wrong, a traditional, fuel-burning fire can look great but the technology for electric fires has improved so drastically in recent years that a traditional fireplace can be replicated and even improved upon without the hassle that comes from a fuel-burning, traditional fire. 


2. Minimal Maintenance

Growing up in a house with a fuel-burning stove, I remember going through the ordeal of getting a fire going. The collection of the coal from the cold utility room, the emptying of the coal into the stove while trying not to get coal on my hands or clothes (denying the inevitable). Then came the kindling and newspaper. Fingers crossed that it won't take 20 minutes to light again. 

Being in an old Victorian townhouse during the winter meant that there was a period of an hour or so where the stove had to be cleaned from yesterdays fire, the fuel added, the fireplace lit and then waiting for the room to warm up. 

In the 21st Century, we are used to technology fixing things for us. Using a washing machine means that we don't have to wash our clothes by hand. Using a dishwasher results in us avoiding the mundane task of washing up. These machines save us time during our busy days and so why would we choose any different for a fireplace?

 Gazco Huntingdon Stove

3. Safety

If you have children or pets in your home, the safety of a fuel-burning fireplace will be of top priority. Not only do they get extremely hot but as mentioned above, they emit dangerous fumes. 

With an electric fire or electric stove, these issues will be of no concern to you. They are not hot to the touch and so there is no danger of getting burnt.

Many electric fireplaces will have an automatic shut-off feature and so there will be no doubt in your mind when you are tucking yourself in the bed. 


4. Energy Efficient

Not many people realise just how inefficient traditional fireplaces really are. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that “most traditional open fireplaces lose over 90 percent of the fire’s heat out the chimney, and much of the heated air in the room goes with it.”

Not only do they lose heat through the chimney but cold drafts or even cold gusts of wind can come down the chimney into your home. 

The fact that modern electric fireplaces use LED technology also helps to maintain high efficiency. The average lifespan of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours, making it far superior to the traditional incandescent bulbs. 


5. Lifespan

Due to the fact that an electric fire or electric stove doesn't burn through fuels whenever used, they are not susceptible to things such as rust or corrosion. You will find that after years of use, a traditional fireplace will begin to show signs of wear. The electric fireplace, on the other hand, will look good as new. 

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