4 Types of Electric Fireplace and Surround

4 Types of Electric Fireplace and Surround

Setting up your living room interior while searching for the best electric fireplace and surround is easier said than done. You can either set up the interior and find a design for your fireplace or the other way around.

There are a lot of available electric fireplaces. But, choosing the right type and style can prove to be very difficult. Before you choose an electric fireplace, it is better to know your options.

Main Types of Electric Fireplace

With so many options in the market, searching for contemporary electric fires can be tricky. To give you an idea about the different electric fireplaces, you can check the list below.

  1. Plug-in Inserts

    If you have an existing fireplace and you want to switch to an electric model, a plug-in insert will be a good choice. This is a type of electric fire that is often installed directly into an existing fireplace.

    If you want to cover your traditional fireplace, an insert will be a good choice. You just need to add a surround so it would blend perfectly with the interior design.

    A plug-in insert, as the name implies, works by plugging it into a standard outlet. It means that there should be an electrical outlet near the old fireplace if you want to use it. If you want to permanently close the old fireplace, you can install an electrical outlet inside.

    1. Electric Fireplace Logs

      Electric Fireplace Logs are versatile because you can place them in any location you want. They are very small so they would fit even in the smallest room.

      This type of fireplace works like an insert, but it doesn’t have a surround box. It only has the ember bed and the fireplace grate. Like inserts, they are placed in existing fireplaces as well. But, instead of covering the hole, you use it as a replacement for real logs.

      As for the display, there are 2 subtypes that you can choose from:

      • Panel projection: The flame effect appears on the unit.
      • Rear projection: The flame effect is projected on the back wall of the fireplace.
      1. Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

        If you are looking for an electric fire that is installed on the surface of your wall, a wall-mounted fireplace is the best choice. This type of fireplace has a linear style, which means that it is wider or has a rectangular shape.

        Wall-mounted electric fires are usually installed in two ways:

        • Installing a bracket on the wall: Some models are installed on the wall through a bracket. You just need to install the bracket on the wall and insert the fireplace into it.
        • Built-in on the wall: You can opt for a recessed fireplace as well since they can be permanently installed on the wall. Instead of a bracket, you need to create a hole on the wall and fit the electric fire inside. This is a good choice if you are trying to save space or you want a built-in look for your interior.
        1. Electric Stove Fireplaces

          Electric stoves, or commonly known as portable fireplaces, are very in demand. You can move it in any location inside your house as long as there’s a standard outlet. You can use it in your living room, bedroom, or even in the kitchen.

          This type of fireplace is like a traditional wood-burning stove. Similar to an insert, you can put it in open fireplaces as well to look like a burning stove.

          Popular Materials for Electric Fireplace Surround

          The vertical electric fireplace is already an amazing addition to your interior. But, having a fireplace holder will make it more elegant and sophisticated. If you want to build a good surround for the fireplace, you need to choose the best materials.

          1. Wood

          This is definitely the best choice when it comes to materials. Most of you are probably raising your eyebrows right now, but it is definitely the best possible material that you can use.

          Electric fireplaces don’t produce any real flame. There is a heating coil inside, but it will not burn the wood surround. You can use wood and create a design that would fit perfectly on the interior design of your home.

          You can even buy a TV stand with a slot for your electric fireplace. It would help you save more space and improve the interior of your house.

          1. Concrete

          If you plan to put the electric fireplace permanently in a certain location in your house, concrete is a good material. If you are renovating your house, you can opt for a concrete surround as it gives a more elegant vibe.

          There are tons of colors and textures that would help you create a unique design for the house. It would match almost any type of interior.

          1. Stone

          Compared to concrete, a stone electric fireplace brings a more rustic charm for a modern interior design. It adds a bit of texture to a plain-looking interior and provides a different vibe to your house.

          Stones can also keep the area warmer for a longer time as they can help radiate the heat coming from the electric fireplace. There are a wide variety of designs to choose from so you should not worry about the design.

          1. Steel

          Steel is also a popular material for fireplace surrounds. It comes in different finishes that would fit the interior of your home. It also provides a modern vibe to your room. Although not as popular as wood, steel is extremely versatile as you can create almost any kind of design that you want.

          In Summary

          You don’t need to spend so much time looking for an electric fireplace and surround. You can buy a specific type of fireplace and create a customized surround that would fit your taste.

          You can even search for ready-made surrounds if you want. With all the available options out there, you can easily find a surround that would fit your electric fireplace.

          If you want an electric fireplace that would fit with almost any type of surround, you can click here to learn more.

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